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Afterburn Fuel Review – A Lazy Man’s Answer To Six Pack Abs?

Afterburn Fuel Review: My Two Cents

Welcome to my Afterburn Fuel Review. Here I hope to answer some questions you have about Mike Chang’s Afterburn Fuel Pre-workout Supplement. My goal is to help you make an informed decision before taking the leap to buy something that you have no first-hand experience with.

I will give you a bit of my perspective along with those of people who have used this supplement to improve their workouts; and some words from Mike Chang himself about what you can expect Afterburn Fuel to do for you.

What Is This Article NOT About?

  1. I won’t waste your time trolling you through the hype about bonus material.
  2. I won’t waste your time with marketing fluff. There is already enough misdirection out there on this subject.

What Will You Learn From This Article?

  1. Who this pre workout supplement is for.
  2. The pros and cons.
  3. How well it works for me and others, and what you can expect.
  4. The bottom line to help you decide if Afterburn Fuel is a good pre workout for you.

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Who Is Afterburn Fuel For?

This supplement is a good pre workout for anyone who is looking to improve their performance while training. The energy matrix blend will help you focus and increase energy to push harder for better results.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Afterburn Fuel?

These pros and cons are my perspective and they information you may find in other reviews will likely vary from this, but you should compare and contrast what you read to help you determine if this is the best pre workout for you.


  1. Quality Ingredients: The ingredients are high quality, effective, safe, and they deliver the workout performance as-advertised. The focus and energy that I feel when using it and on par with, if not better, than other major brands available on the market today. It is also worthy to note, that the energy I feel from this pre workout does not make me jittery. Energized, yes. Jittery, no.
  2. Muscle Pumps: The muscle pumps are significant. I find this to be quite nice and very comparable to other off-the-shelf product you might find at your local vitamin or health shop.
  3. Taste:  It tastes good to me. Although it is advertised as fruit punch, it tastes more like cherry lemonade. Not quite the flavor I was expecting, but tasty nonetheless. Certainly tastier than the odd “liquid Pop Rocks” taste of NO-XPLODE (I just can’t seem to get past that).
  4. Cost: It is competitively priced with other popular pre workouts on the market today. Cellucore C4 is closer in price to Afterburn Fuel at approximately $67 per tub and NO-XPLODE is less than both at around $37.99 per unit. Afterburn Fuel runs at $67 per container (and includes all of the free bonus material), but buying in volume can lower the price tag by 20% (approx $55) or more which saves me quite a bit.


  1. Alternative Flavors: While I find the taste to be good, there is only one flavor available as-of today. Many of the other pre workouts out there come in 3 or more flavors and I find the lack of a tangy lemon or lime a bit baffling. If you are not a fruit punch flavor fan, you will need to look elsewhere until a new flavor is released.
  2. Solubility: It mixes well enough, but don’t expect to dump some powder over ice and water, and stir it away with a fork or spoon. You will need a shaker to mix it up best. This is not the case with something like Cellucor C4 which mixes better than most.

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What Do Some Users Of Afterburn Fuel Have To Say About It?

The following information is readily available on the official website and should not be taken as the sole authority on how well the supplement performs for everyone. You have to keep in mind that testimonial’s from product and manufacturer websites “typically” show the results of people who are quite diligent about their routines.

Afterburn Fuel Testimonials

Afterburn Fuel Testimonials From The Official Website

The following statement from Mike Chang also credits motivation, hard work, and discipline to be crucial to getting great results. Do not expect to sip any supplement alone and get “ripped” no matter what anyone says:

afterburn fuel review

Mike lays it out for the people who think that a pre-workout alone will get them ripped

What’s The Bottom Line: Should You Try Afterburn Fuel?

Afterburn Fuel is a supplement that you will find to be complimentary to your fitness routine. However, do not buy this supplement, or any other for that matter, if you aren’t serious about getting in shape and maximizing your results. Save your money instead. However, if you are serious about getting lean and fit, adding a pre-workout to you regular supplement intake will help you get leaner and build lean mass you are looking for. The high-quality ingredients make it a great alternative to most of the common pre workouts available today.

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